Open Forum

Two separate meetings are planned. More detailed programme will be published later.

Please register for the for the meetings; see under Registration. There is separate registration for the meeting on Thursday 29 June; please see below.

Thursday 19 June:

European meeting of EDUPUB. Please see IDPF web site for further information and registration, and detailed programme here.

Friday 20 June:

Learning Technology Open Forum: Standards supporting global innovation in learning technologies.


  • 08:30–09:00 Registration
  • 09:00–09:05 Welcome
  • 09:05–09:35 1st keynote: We have not seen the future of learning technologies yet – a report from the edge (Bruce Peoples – US)
  • 09:35–10:05 2nd keynote: From semantic technologies to sense-making technologies(Jon Mason – AU)
  • 10:05–11:00 How technology is changing the classroom? - Technology demonstrations Pechakuch style from Norwegian learning technology industry 
    1. Håkon Kalbakk: How schools leverage mobile technology to involve parents in the classroom
    2. IT’s Learning
    3. Microsoft
    5. Fronter
  • 11:00–11:15 Coffee break
  • 11:15–13:00 1st theme session:  Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining  (session responsible LACE project)
    1. Learning Analytics and Standardisation – projects and initiatives (Tore Hoel & Wilbert Kraan)
    2. Semantics for Learning Analytics (Yasu Tamura)
    3. IMS Caliper project (Rob Abel)
    4. Standardisation requirements – from industry and education perspective (Roundtable lead by Wilbert Kraan)
    5. Reaping the low-hanging fruits (informal survey and discussion among Open Forum participants)
  • 13:00–14:00 LUNCH at own cost
  • 14:00–16:30 2nd theme session: MOOC / Digital content
    1. (15 min) B. Pozdneev, S. Sosenushkin and M. Sutyagin: Development of digital educational resources for system support of educational programs in Russian universities
    2. (15 min) B. Pozdneev, S. Sosenushkin and M. Sutyagin: Standards supporting global innovation in learning technologies
    3. (15 min) Takeshi Kanai: On ODPS?
    4. (30 min) Ingrid Melve: Standard MOOC in a small world
    5. (15 min) Gérard Vidal: Phylogenetic classification of MOOCs : a sustainable
      way of sorting and classifying MOOCs
    6. (30 min) Rob Abel: IMS Global – Standards for leveraging digital educational content
    7. (30 min) Bill McCoy: EDUPUB – What to expect in the future (summary of EDUPUB Europe 2014)
  • 16:30–17:00 Q/A what to expect from