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NORSOK R-002 is a design standard for lifting equipment. It is particularly useful for new build projects, but it is also useful when replacing the lifting equipment or wearing parts on existing installations.


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The Dutch standardization organization NEN in cooperation with Shell invite you to a seminar in Delft on Wednesday 29 March 2017 entitled “Achieving sustainable business performance by qualified implementation and use of oil and gas standards”. This seminar is a unique opportunity for the European petroleum industry and others to learn how existing and new multi-disciplinary international ISO standards are enablers for cost-efficiency, risk reduction, and minimizing carbon footprint.


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NORSOK R-001:2017 Mechanical equipment, Edition 4, January 2017, has been published, and replaces NORSOK R-001, rev. 3, November 1997.


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A proposal for a new work item on maintenance engineering was on vote until 31 January 2017 and has just been approved. A working group in CEN will be established and Standards Norway has offered the convenorship and secretariat.


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Edition 3 of NORSOK N-003 Actions and action effects (N-003:2017) is now published and available.


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NORSOK L-003 Piping details and NORSOK L-001 Piping and valves was published in 2017 while NORSOK L-002 Piping system layout, design and structural analysis and NORSOK L-004 Piping fabrication, installation, flushing and testing was published in 2016. NORSOK L-005 is from 2013 and may be revised after the corresponding ISO standard has been updated.


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The NORSOK owners reviewed the use of and the content of all available NORSOK standards in 2015 and 2016. The recommendations for future development of the NORSOK portfolio was presented in November 2016. A detailed project report has also been released. This report is available in Norwegian and will be made available in English.


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This week around 300 international dental health experts will gather in Tromsø. In the course of the week around 60 meetings will be held among various expert groups, dealing with everything from fillings, implants and instruments, to computer-assisted design. It's no accident that Tromsø is host to this annual event, as it has one of Europe's most modern dentistry education programmes.


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Standard.no has changed the way standards open in our online solution. You will now see a new window while your document is downloaded. This window contains information on what to do to open the document. We remind you that you still need Adobe to open standards.


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In June Standards Norway hosted the meeting of the international standardization committee on geographical information systems (GIS) ISO/TC 211. During the meeting, which took place in Tromsø in northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, we interviewed some of the experts about the importance of GIS.


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