Standards are important tools for achieving universal design/design for all. Standards contribute to facilitate everyday life for all and yield accessibility to employment, education and social participation. Today universal design is focused upon in many of Standard Norway’s activities.


More about #access4all: International campaign on standards for universal design

Design for all, universal design and accessibility has for a long time been a focus in Norwegian standardisation, and Standards Norway has published a series of national standards as well as following the relevant activities at international level.


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In order to make it easier for those of you who work within HSE-related activities to choose the right standards to use, we have created several standard collections that give an overview of the most important standards within your field. You can subscribe to all the standards in the collection or pick and choose the ones you want.


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At the middle of October, 66 experts from seven nations were gathered in Tromsø, Norway to discuss sustainable standardised solutions for international petroleum operations in the Arctic. The meeting was under the direction of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), with Standards Norway acting as host. The goal of the meeting was to reach agreement about the constraints on the content of and plans for the ongoing work on six standards for Arctic Operations.


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On September 22nd Standards Norway and Standard Online are moving to Mustads vei 1 at Lilleaker. The Norwegian Electrotechnical Committee is also located in this building. All of Norwegian standardisation will occupy the top three floors of the building together.


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More about Collection of standards for Engineering and material selection


More about Energy and petroleum - Collection of standards for Subsea

After almost 11 years as managing director at Standards Norway, Dr. Trine Tveter, will step down as head of the organization September 1 th, 2014. Dr. Tveter will continue as a senior advisor at Standards Norway with international responsibilities. The board wishes to thank Dr. Tveter for her years of service. She has served as managing director of Standards Norway since it was established in 2003.


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Norway is a coastal nation with a wide spread of electrical installations and equipment in or by the ocean. Onboard ships, on mobile and fixed offshore installations, or along the coastline, the surroundings pose a challenge for both personnel and equipment.


More about The IEC 61892 series – new standard collection available now

We are pleased to be able to offer English translations of a selection of National Annexes to the Eurocodes NS-EN 1990, NS-EN 1991, NS-EN 1992, NS-EN 1993, NS-EN 1995, NS-EN 1997 and NS-EN 1998.


More about English translations of the National Annexes to a selection of important Eurocodes
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