This week around 300 international dental health experts will gather in Tromsø. In the course of the week around 60 meetings will be held among various expert groups, dealing with everything from fillings, implants and instruments, to computer-assisted design. It's no accident that Tromsø is host to this annual event, as it has one of Europe's most modern dentistry education programmes.


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Standard.no has changed the way standards open in our online solution. You will now see a new window while your document is downloaded. This window contains information on what to do to open the document. We remind you that you still need Adobe to open standards.


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In June Standards Norway hosted the meeting of the international standardization committee on geographical information systems (GIS) ISO/TC 211. During the meeting, which took place in Tromsø in northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, we interviewed some of the experts about the importance of GIS.


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The petroleum industry has recently been investing significant resources into updating the NORSOK standards. Falling oil prices and industry upheaval have resulted in the entire petroleum industry now looking to invest in standardised solutions.


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Why are BIM standards important for the European building industry and for digital interaction in Europe? In these video interviews European experts are explaining why.


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