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Tromsø sets the standard for international dental health

This week around 300 international dental health experts will gather in Tromsø. In the course of the week around 60 meetings will be held among various expert groups, dealing with everything from fillings, implants and instruments, to computer-assisted design. It's no accident that Tromsø is host to this annual event, as it has one of Europe's most modern dentistry education programmes.

On Sunday night the municipality of Tromsø invited the delegates to a reception at the Ishavshotel. Jarle Aarbakke, Deputy Mayor and former Rector of the University of Tromsø, welcomed the delegates to Tromsø, and Standards Norway's Erik Winther emphasised the importance of international standardisation in dental health.

Safe dental care globally
It is Standards Norway with support from the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM) who is hosting the meeting. The goal is to find the best solutions for safe dental care globally. Japan has a large dental industry and will attend with almost 80 delegates alone, while the U.S.A and Germany will attend with 53 and 32 experts respectively. Norway has 9 delegates in various expert groups. The expert groups are broadly composed with representatives from the industry, research and authorities.

More than 150 standards
An average Norwegian dental surgery employs more than 150 international standards.  All standards are drawn up internationally by the ISO standardisation organisation, where Standards Norway is the Norwegian member. The standards subsequently become Norwegian standards.

The market for dental health products is global. Teeth are relatively similar everywhere, and western and Japanese dental care is quite similar. It is the thus a good thing that all of the standards we relate to are international, such that testing methods are internationally accepted.

Topics in Tromsø
The Tromsø meeting is the 52nd annual meeting of this international committee for dental health. Some of the important topics for the meeting in Tromsø are preventive dental health work, materials and patient safety, and teeth as a criterion for identification.

For example, in connection with the tsunami in Thailand, identification of 58 of the 84 Norwegian fatalities were based on teeth and dental conditions. Now standards are being drawn up for this type of identification work under American supervision, and this will be a major topic in Tromsø.

Contact information
Communications Director at Standards Norway, Marit Sæter, tel. +47 970 27 956.
In the event of technical questions, contact consultant with NIOM, Dr. Arne Hensten, on phone no. +47 901 16 134.

About Standards Norway
Standards Norway (SN) is a private and independent member organisation for domestic and international standardisation in most areas of society. The organisation dates back to 1923. The social mission is to develop and establish standards and standard products to benefit and create increased added value for society, individual enterprises and the general public.
Membership in Standards Norway is open for businesses, industry and special interest organisations, educational institutions, research communities, authorities, employee organisations, consumer organisations, trial and test laboratories, certification bodies and other interested parties.

Standards Norway has an appointed role in Norwegian trade and industry policy and therefore receives annual grants across the government budget through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (NFD).

About NIOM
NIOM is a Nordic collaborative body for dental biomaterials. It was founded in 1972 to ensure that materials and methods used in dental care in the Nordic region are safe and suitable for their application. NIOM works to promote patient safety through research, evaluation of the materials used and participation in international and European standardisation work. Among other things, NIOM is involved in research-based consulting for health authorities and the dental health service in the Nordic region.

NIOM has qualified personnel who cover all aspects of dental biomaterials: clinical odontology, biology, toxicology, analytical and polymer chemistry, metallurgy and mechanical testing. There are currently 20 permanent employees who cooperate with several scholarship holders and guest researchers.


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