Four new standards for petroleum activity in cold climate

Four out of six planned new standards for petroleum-related operations in cold climate are ready for publication.

Standards Norway hosted a meeting on the 15 November in ISO's committee on Arctic Operations. This committee, SC8, is organized under the ISO Petroleum Committee, TC 67. At the meeting, a total of 28 participants from Russia, Canada, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers participated.

Big news revealed at the meeting
We have now complete and are preparing to publish four of the six planned new petroleum standards related to the cold-climate operations. The remaining two standards of this series will be published before the summer of 2018.

Fire personer under møte i arbeidsgruppe

At the meeting of the ISO Arctic Operations committee in Oslo: Roar Heum from Standard Norway, Liudmila Zalevskaya and Alexey Novikov from Gazprom, and Hermod Johansen from Statoil.

The four new standards now ready for publication are:

  • Arctic operations – Working environment (already available)
  • Arctic operations – Environmental monitor for arctic operations 
  • Arctic operations – Arctic metocean, ice and seabed data
  • Material requirements for arctic operations  

The last two standards in the series to be completed before the summer of 2018 are:

  • Arctic operations – Ice management
  • Arctic operations – Escape, evacuation and rescue

This standardization project is supported by the Arktis 2030 subsidy scheme, a scheme set up by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for cooperation in the Arctic.

Last updated: 2017-12-23

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