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Expert groups

For members of expert groups
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Nummer Tittel
EG C Architect
EG Z CCS Cost Coding System
EG D Drilling
EG E Electrical
EG G Geotechnology
EG I Instrumentation
EG I ISSC Integrated Control and Safety System
EG RL Lifting Equipment
EG J Marine Operation
EG M Material
EG R Mechanical
EG Z MC&P Mechanical Completion & Preservation
EG IM Metering
EG Y Pipeline
EG L Piping / Layout
EG P Process
EG ZR Reliability engineering and technology
EG S Safety (SHE)
EG N Structural
EG U Subsea
EG Z TI Technical Information
EG T Telecommunication
EG Z TE Temporary Equipment
EG UB Underwater operations
EG WF Well fluids