NEK IEC 61892-serie

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Norwegian title: Samlingen inneholder alle standarder innenfor NEK IEC 61892: Flyttbare og stasjonære innretninger til sjøs - Elektriske installasjoner
English title: The collection contains all standards within the NEK IEC 61892 series: Mobile and fixed offshore units - Electrical installations
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Product information:

IEC 61892 forms a series of International Standards intended to ensure safety in the design, selection, installation, maintenance and use of electrical equipment for the generation, storage, distribution and utilization of electrical energy for all purposes in offshore units which are used for the exploration or production of petroleum resources.

IEC 61892 also incorporates and co-ordinates, as far as possible, existing rules and forms a code of interpretation, where applicable, of the requirements laid down by the International Maritime Organization, and constitutes a guide for future regulations which may be prepared and a statement of practice for offshore unit owners, constructors and appropriate organizations.


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