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Planning of security measures in the built environment

Over the past 20 years, protection against malicious acts has gained increased attention due to acts of terrorism, sabotage and vandalism. A proposed new standard in ISO/TC 59 will provide requirements and recommendations for effective planning and design of security measures in the built environment.

The objective of an attack can be to destroy, damage or appropriate an asset, or compromise information held by the asset. The assets in need of protection can both be the built environment in itself, or entities contained in the built environment. In order to obtain a secure built asset it is essential to involve the right type of security thinking and planning at the correct stage of the build project. This is also essential in order to achieve reasonable costs, reasonable delivery time, as well as optimal aesthetics and usability for the end result. Failure to involve different disciplines within security at various points in the build project, or failure to coordinate the security planning with other parts of the build project, has often resulted in security that is at odds with other aims in the overall build project.

Built on a Norwegian Standard

The proposed new ISO standard builds on the Norwegian Standard NS 5834:2016. It will be applicable to both new construction and refurbishments, and it is intended to give the planner a well-structured template for developing the concepts of security measures and identifying the right competencies needed for various types of security planning.

The linkage provided in this standard between the security planning and other parts of the build project provides a greater awareness of the actual needs and consequences for the technical and operational solutions, and the future users of the structure. It will describe which methods and routines that should be employed in the various stages of the build project, as well as the competencies needed to achieve a good result. The purpose of the standard is to achieve optimal protection of assets against all kinds of malicious acts, while ensuring aesthetic, financial and practical aspects.

Experts wanted

If approved, ISO/NP 23234 Buildings and civil engineering works – Security – Planning of security measures in the built environment will be developed in a new working group directly under the TC, called WG 5 "Security in the built environment", under the leadership of Dr Knut Rakvåg from Norway. The proposed project is currently out on ballot in ISO/TC 59 until 8 February. Here you can see the project proposal and the outline of the standard.

Does this sound interesting? Would you like to participate in the development of this standard? Please contact Project Manager Kari S. Borgos (ISO/TC 59 Secretary) to get more information.

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