NORSOK R-002 is a design standard for lifting equipment. It is particularly useful for new build projects, but it is also useful when replacing the lifting equipment or wearing parts on existing installations.


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The Dutch standardization organization NEN in cooperation with Shell invite you to a seminar in Delft on Wednesday 29 March 2017 entitled “Achieving sustainable business performance by qualified implementation and use of oil and gas standards”. This seminar is a unique opportunity for the European petroleum industry and others to learn how existing and new multi-disciplinary international ISO standards are enablers for cost-efficiency, risk reduction, and minimizing carbon footprint.


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NORSOK R-001:2017 Mechanical equipment, Edition 4, January 2017, has been published, and replaces NORSOK R-001, rev. 3, November 1997.


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The NORSOK owners reviewed the use of and the content of all available NORSOK standards in 2015 and 2016. The recommendations for future development of the NORSOK portfolio was presented in November 2016. A detailed project report has also been released. This report is available in Norwegian and will be made available in English.


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NORSOK L-003 Piping details and NORSOK L-001 Piping and valves was published in 2017 while NORSOK L-002 Piping system layout, design and structural analysis and NORSOK L-004 Piping fabrication, installation, flushing and testing was published in 2016. NORSOK L-005 is from 2013 and may be revised after the corresponding ISO standard has been updated.


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Edition 3 of NORSOK N-003 Actions and action effects (N-003:2017) is now published and available.


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This NORSOK standard contains provisions for electrical installations at voltages up to and including 35 kV AC and 1 500 V DC to provide safety in the design of electrical systems, selection, and use of electrical equipment for generation, storage, distribution and utilization of electrical energy for all purposes in offshore units which are being used for the purpose of exploration or exploitation of petroleum resources. The new edition was publised by December 2016.


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Standards Norway hosted the 2016 Plenary meeting of ISO/TC 67/SC 8 Arctic Operations on 17 November. 35 persons including ISO/TC 67/SC 8 management, convenors and delegates from Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Norway met in Oslo to encourage the finalisation of six standards for arctic operations. All standards are soon ready for enquiry (ISO/DIS stage).


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På anbefaling av NORSOK Ekspertgruppe N Structure, har Sektorstyret Petroleum besluttet å trekke tilbake NORSOK N-002, Rev. 2, 2010, Collection of metocean data. Dette gjøres fordi innholdet nå dekkes av en ny internasjonal standard (ISO).


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NORSOK M-506, Edition 3, June 2016 is now ready for industrial enquiry, with the deadline for comments 2016-09-15. This edition will, when approved and published, replace NORSOK M-506 Rev. 2, June 2005. All comments must be submit through "Standards for enquiry".


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