The event and the environment

We would like to make this event as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible by taking some small but nevertheless important measures to reduce our impact on the environment:

We urge all participants to help us limit the use of photocopiers during the event. We strongly encourage everyone to use electronic versions of meeting documents and to distribute any documents electronically and/or by the use of memory sticks.

Local transportation
We encourage all participants to use public transportation in Oslo. For more information, see the local transportation company Ruter.

Airport transportation
We recommend that you use public transportation and go either by train or bus to and from the airport. Not only is this the most environmentally friendly option, it is also the most affordable one when it comes to means of transport.

Recycling drink containers
Almost all types of drink containers (plastic, aluminium and glass) are included in a national recycling refund scheme. Therefore, please use the recycling facilities designated for bottles and cans. In every grocery store there will also be reverse vending machines designated for drink containers. More than 95 % of all drink containers in Norway are recycled.

Norwegian tap water is safe to drink. Some people even say it tastes good as well. So even if you can buy bottled water in Norway, why not try the more environmentally friendly tap water? The bonus is that it is totally free.