The Host, Standards Norway

Building of Standards Norway at Lysaker (photo: Standards Norway)The organisation was established on 24 June 2003, but has roots dating back to 1923 when its predecessor and founding member of ISO, the Norwegian Standards Association, was established. Standards Norway has approx. 70 employees and is located at Lysaker west of Oslo.

Each year, Standards Norway publishes about 1 200 new Norwegian Standards (NS). Norwegian Standards are established on the basis of national draft standards as well as on the basis of European and International Standards. Currently, more than 16 000 valid Norwegian standards exist.

Financial support
Standards Norway’s income is based on the sales of standards and related products, grants from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, membership subscriptions and financial support for specific projects.

Sales and marketing activities are conducted by Standard Online AS, of which Standards Norway is the major shareholder, holding 80 % of the shares. The income from Standard Online AS is intended to cover Standards Norway’s expenses related to the preparation of standards.

Participation in standardisation
More than 2 000 Norwegian voluntary experts are involved in standardisation work. Approximately 750 of those experts do also participate in international committees and working groups. The international experts represents a variety of institutions, i.e. business, industry, research institutions, higher education, public sector, trade unions, NGOs and consumer organizations. The voluntary input of resources is estimated to be worth NOK 120–150 million per year.

International secretariats
Standards Norway holds the secretariat of 12 technical committees and subcommittees, and 38 working groups in ISO. The TC secretariats are: Building construction, Steel and aluminium structures, Geographic information/Geomatics, Materials for the production of primary aluminium, and Fisheries and aquaculture.