Travel Information

Participants are required to make their own travel arrangements to Lillestrøm, Norway.

Meeting venue

Thon Hotel Arena

Nesgata 1
NO-2004 Lillestrøm, Norway

Telephone: +47 66 93 60 00

Entering Norway

In order to enter Norway, foreign visitors are required to have a valid passport. Nordic visitors and visitors of the Schengen area are exempted from this rule, but as they still have to produce a valid ID, we recommend that they bring their passport.

Visas must be obtained before departure and applications should be made to the nearest Norwegian Embassy or Consulate or a travel agent in the country of residence, taking into account the length of notice for obtaining a visa. For more information on visa, see Useful information.

Arriving by plane

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is located 30 kilometres from Lillestrøm. Visitors can travel by train or taxi from the airport to the centre of Lillestrøm.

From the airport by train

Local and regional trains

You can use local or regional trains from the airport to Lillestrøm, and the ride is 12 minutes. A single ticket costs NOK 70. This price is for prepurchased tickets. You may buy the ticket at the train, but it is then more expensive.

Airport Express Train (Flytoget)

The Airport Express Train leaves 3 times an hour. (Be aware that only every other departure stops in Lillestrøm!) The ride takes 12 minutes, and a single ticket costs NOK 130. Tickets can be purchased from designated vending machines, from ticket counters or one can pay for the journey by credit card by swiping the card through a card reader before entering the platform (NOTE – forgetting to swipe the card can result in a ticket price of NOK 250). Receipts for payment via credit card can be obtained by registering the credit card at

From the airport by taxi

Taxi is expensive. If you still want to use a taxi, make sure to take the Airport Taxi rather than haul a taxi outside the airport. The Airport Taxi charges a fixed price whereas other taxi fares can vary depending on the time of the day. Passengers should go to the Taxi Information Desk in the Arrival hall.

Prices vary depending on the individual taxi company, but a taxi seating up to 4 passengers will cost a minimum of NOK 500.

Rygge and Torp
Please note that there are two additional, smaller airports which sometimes are marketing themselves as Oslo airports. That is Oslo (Rygge), also called Moss (Rygge), and Oslo (Torp), also called Sandefjord (Torp). Oslo (Rygge) is located 70 km to the south east of Oslo, and Oslo (Torp) is located 120 km to the south west of Oslo. Both have public transportation by bus and train to central Oslo. We recommend you pay attention to the travel time to and from these two airports if you arrive at or depart from one of them. Public transportation might be a challenge in connection with very late or early flights.

Arriving in Oslo by boat

There are three different ferry services:

- Kiel, Germany - Oslo (ferry company Color Line)
- Copenhagen, Denmark - Oslo (ferry company DFDS Seaways)
- Fredrikshavn, Denmark - Oslo (ferry company Stena Line)

The DFDS Seaways and Stena Line ferry terminal is located close to the city centre, just a couple of blocks from the central station (Oslo S), whereas the Color Line ferry terminal is located in the Western part of the city centre, and central station can be reached by taxi or by local buses (short ride). From Oslo S there is a 10 minutes ride to Lillestrøm. Local and regional northbound trains from Oslo S stops in Lillestrøm, but be aware that some of the local trains use a longer route (29 min) to get there

For information on timetable and fare prices, please visit the web sites at:

Color Line
DFDS Seaways
Stena Line

Arriving in Oslo by train

The Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) is located in the city centre. Travellers may arrive by international trains from Stockholm (Sweden) or Gothenburg (Sweden). Trains from Gothenburg have connections from Malmö (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Here you have to change for a train to Lillestrøm. From Oslo S there is a 10 minutes ride.

Local and regional northbound trains from Oslo S stops in Lillestrøm, but be aware that some of the local trains use a longer route (29 min) to get there.

For more information on time tables and prices, please visit the web site of the Norwegian national railway company NSB.

(All prices given in the text above are per January 2014.)