The Oil and Gas industry has over time developed a significant number of standards, company specific technical requirements and supporting documentation. The consequences are time consuming, complicated and costly processes with vendors and contractors for understanding and delivering according to the different requirements. Normally requirements are maintained in document-based systems, whilst current technical information is more and more advanced and database oriented.

READI will create value

By establishing common and digitalized technical information requirements the industry as a whole, will save cost, increase efficiency, and improve safety.

Common requirements and reference asset data libraries represented by agreed semantics and ontologies will enable advanced analytics and easy flow of information for use in business processes.

The READI JIP Project

READI is a joint industry project with the purpose to standardize and govern information requirements for the oil and gas industry. The project will transform the requirements in the five NORSOK standards for Technical Information (Z-TI) into machine readable format. READI will enable further transformation of diverse company practices and standards into an open and common platform for shared digital LCI and technical requirements, and help the industry to improve security, reduce costs and increase efficiency in business-critical processes through automation.

READI deliverables include

  • Updated and transformed NORSOK Z-TI requirements to machine readable format
  • Methods and tools for making requirements machine readable and -verifiable
  • A framework for managing and distributing digital technical information requirements 

This will enable significant transformative steps for the oil and gas industry into a digital future.