What's in it for me?

READI creates value by bringing the industry together to unify practices and requirements to improve efficiency and safety throughout the whole value chain by being

Accuracy and speed in project delivery

  • Simplified purchasing processes and increased precision due to easy access to the correct requirements andspecifications
  • Improved cost control due to precise requirements and specifications
  • Reallocate engineering resources to core business activity due to less manual work with automated work processes
  • Enable advanced analytics due to Machine Learning and Al (some info missing)

Effective operations

  • Consistent recording of asset and operating data from easier back tracing in asset history
  • Cost efficient modification projects due to access to design data, basis and requirements
  • Cost efficient management of spare parts and purchasing due to traceable requirements and documentation

Reduce risk of accidents and business interruptions

  • Improved technical safety as a result of unambiguous requirements
  • Improved control of reliability of safety barriers as result of consistent recording of asset and performance information

Decision makers


Work-stream managers and users of the requirements


Authorities, interest groups and standardization organizations

Board room

Three persones in front of a glass board

Press conference
“My main focus is to ensure that the business is healthy and fit for future needs. Digital Transformation is challenging – which digitalization projects should we prioritize next?”
“My workday is filled up with tedious, time consuming tasks. I want more predictable workflows to be able to deliver on the project specifications quicker and with higher quality.”
“I want more predictable access to requirement to be able to secure that projects follows  specifications, fullfill safety and with higher quality.”