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Development of a new standard on maintenance engineering

A proposal for a new work item on maintenance engineering was on vote until 31 January 2017 and has just been approved. A working group in CEN will be established and Standards Norway has offered the convenorship and secretariat.

Contact Project Manager Merete Murvold at Standards Norway or your national standardization body to join the work. 

What is maintenance engineering?
Maintenance engineering describes how maintenance of an item or a system is done through the whole life cycle. The first task for the new working group will be to agree on a good definition on the term. There exist two draft definitions:

maintenance engineering

  • staff function whose prime responsibility is to ensure that maintenance techniques are effective, that equipment is designed and modified to improve maintainability, that ongoing maintenance technical problems are investigated, and appropriate corrective and improvement actions are take


  • combination of theories, practices and applications of all engineering disciplines to do maintenance on physical assets and its components, in order to:
    - measure and evaluate the integrity of the status and technical conditions
    - maintain and improve the functionality characteristics using the criteria of reliability theory as: safety, reliability, maintainability, supportability and availability
    - extend the life of assets optimizing preventive maintenance and appropriate technical improvements
    - carry out the necessary works execution according the best technical practices in term of safety, quality, productivity and effectiveness.

EN 13306:2010 Maintenance - Maintenance terminology consists of 129 definitions and explains the term as:

  • combination of all technical, administrative and managerial actions during the life cycle of an item intended to retain it, or restore it to, a state in which it can perform the required function

Scope and aim for the European Standard
Well planned maintenance is cost effective and supports efficiency, quality, safety, environment, costs and asset values. Maintenance engineering plays an important role for the core business. The aim of the standard is to define the overall requirements for maintenance engineering through a standardization process led by the European Standardization organization CEN.

The draft scope of the standard is:

  • to specify the overall requirement for maintenance engineering
  • to define principles, criteria and contents of all engineering matters which are founding the wide discipline ''Maintenance Engineering'' as sub-function of Maintenance Function
  • to outline methods, techniques and applications to maintain and improve the functionalities of the physical assets during all the life from design till the disposal
  • to explain how maintenance engineering can assure integrity, safety, reliability, maintainability, availability etc. to achieve the best performance of physical asset, a suitable extension life, the best ratio service level/maintenance cost in a framework of sustainability and competitiveness.

Process and work plan
The work item was on vote until 2017-01-31 and approved amongst CEN members. The first meeting will be held in May/June 2017. A new standard will be published in 2020. The work will be led by the committee on maintenance, CEN/TC 319, and a new working group WG 14 Maintenance engineering.

Standards Norway has offered the convenorship and the secretariat of this group.

Join the work
You can influence the scope and future requirements if you join the work as an expert and through sharing knowledge and consensus amongst the memembers. In addition you will have the pleasure of national and international network within maintenance. For the next 3 years the plan is to arrange 2 to 3 European meetings a year.

Please contact Project Manager Merete Murvold at Standards Norway or your National Standardization body if you are from outside Norway.

Last updated: 2017-04-18