Member of SC 5
Members of SC 5 on the roof of Standards Norway during the SC 5 meeting in June 2018. From the left Karl-Christian Thienel, Xavier Kestemont, Merete H. Murvold, Tone Storbråten, Per H. Kristiansen, Jesper Ketelsen, Gert Jan Geertjes, and Gerry Pettit

The work on lightweight aggregates has started

The European Standard for lightweight aggregates specifies product requirements for bounded and unbound use in construction works. The Standard EN 13055 was published in 2016, and development of an Amendment started in June 2018.

Why an Amendment?
After the publication of the 2016-version, the European Commission had objections and comments to the content of the standard. These comments must be solved before citation in the Official Journal of the European Union. Until then, the 2016 version cannot be used as basis for the CE-marking. Instead of a full revision of the standard, it has been decided to develop an Amendment which specifies technical changes to the 2016-version.

Scope of work
The Amendment to the product standard covers handling and inclusion of

  • the European Commission objections and comments to citation in OJEU
  • technical comments received during the formal vote in 2016. These technical comments could not be dealt with in the finalization of the standard in 2016, but will be discussed now
  • regulated dangerous substances

Progress and meetings
The lightweight aggregates committee met in June in Norway and the next meeting will be held 15. October in Germany. At the October meeting the group plans to finalize the amendment to EN 13055 and make it ready for public enquiry.

Possible future work
To develop an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for lightweight aggregates, we need common Product Category Rules. During the October meeting, this will be discussed. Also, where to publish the Product Category Rules: In a separate document or together with the dense aggregates.

How to get involved?
The work on the standard is done by the European Standardization committee CEN/TC 154/SC 5 Lightweight aggregates. Experts to this committee is appointed by the national standardization body in each member country in CEN. Their responsibility is to develop the amendment and to finalize it after the public enquiry. All interest parties are welcome. To get involved in this work, contact your national standardization body

Contact Merete Holmen Murvold, CEN/TC 154/SC 5 secretary.

Last updated: 2018-09-10