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Development of a new standard for maintenance engineering

The work on a European Standard for maintenance engineering started in 2017 under the umbrella of committee CEN/TC 319 Maintenance. The aim is to describe and promote maintenance engineering within the field of maintenance.

Why a standard for maintenance engineering?

The right focus of maintenance engineering will contribute to optimized profit, increased uptime and improvement of health, safety and environment. Maintenance engineering supports the asset management strategies and is defined as a

engineering discipline developing and applying methods, tools and techniques to influence design and to assure that an item is in a state in which it can perform its required functions in a safe, sustainable and cost-effective manner throughout the life cycle [Source: Draft definition, September 2018 version]

There are no standards covering the subject, and the work will support the system of European standards within maintenance. 

Target group

The main target group of the standard is personnel involved in design, procurement, construction, operation, improvement, maintenance and retirement (decommissioning) of items and physical assets. Relevant both for private and public sector and independent of the size of the organization. 

Scope of work

The standard aims to cover

  • generic principles, criteria and contents of maintenance engineering
  • all life cycle stages
  • methods and techniques to maintain and improve the function of items
  • maintenance engineering contribution to assure the required integrity, safety, reliability and maintainability to achieve a sustainable balance between performance, risk and costs 

Progress and meetings

During the first 1,5 year of development, the working group has agreed on a definition of maintenance engineering, aspects and scope of maintenance engineering and made a draft standard and flowchart. Eight meetings have been held and the next meetings are planned for February and June 2019. 

Draft table of content (as of January 2019)

Title: prEN Maintenance - Maintenance engineering - Requirements
European foreword
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Symbols and abbreviations
5 Life cycle stages and overall objectives of maintenance engineering
6 Maintenance engineering activities
7 Management and auditing
8 Performance evaluation, performance indicators and measurement
A Maintenance management associated with maintenance engineering
B Models
C Repair strategies
D Maintenance 4.0. The digitalization of the maintenance function
E Establishing a technical hierarchy
F Checklist for maintainability within maintenance engineering
H Root cause analysis techniques
I  The life cycle of an asset
J Maintenance — overall views

How to get involved?

The standard is developed by a working group CEN/TC 319 WG 14 Maintenance engineering.

You can still join the work and all interest parties are welcome. To get involved in this work, contact your national standardization body 


If you want more information, please contact:
Convenor Mr. Per Schjolberg, +47 930 03 840
Secretary Ms. Merete Murvold, +47 920 55 485

Last updated: 2019-01-23