NORSOK R-001 Mechanical equipment on systematic review

NORSOK R-001:2017 Mechanical equipment, edition 4, is on systematic review and pre-enquiry, closing November 20th.

NORSOK R-001 was last published in 2017and is currently on systematic review (pre-enquiry) with the intention to decide whether the standard shall be:

  • WIthdrawn (please provide reason, and pleae add major subjects to be considered in the revision work)
  • Revised (please add general reasons and comments why in the different clauses)
  • Confirmed (unchanged for another period of 5 years). 

Please also indicate if you want to participate in the revision work or if your company wish to participate. If possible please nominate a person. 

Please find the enquiry draft prNORSOK R-001 in our enquiry system.

Subjects to be revised, candidates to be nominated

The NORSOK experts are evaluating the needs for a future revision of this document. Comments to the content or topics to include and consider as well as your (or your organisation's) interest to participate in a committee developing a potential new revision of the document are most welcome.

This document is developed under expert committee SN/K 114/EG R - Mechanical equipment.

The following will be considered added as part of scope, as relevant:

  • CCS
  • Marine installations

Comments and questions

All comments must be entered in the official enquiry portal by the deadline 20 November 2022.

All users must be registered in the enquiry portal before comments can be entered. If you are from abroad Norway, please register as a student, using post code 0283. 

For further detail please contact project manager in Standards Norway, Espen Holm

Last updated: 2022-11-07