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Norwegian building and construction contracts in English

The Norwegian standard collection “Juridiske standarder for bygg og anlegg” (Legal standards for construction) is one of our most popular products and contains a selection of useful standards for the construction industry. We now offer an online standard collection with the legal standards that have been translated into English.

Foreign contractors and suppliers with Norwegian companies and organizations are increasing every year. There is also a growing number of companies who employ builders and contractors who understand English better than Norwegian.

Why use Norwegian building and construction contracts in English?

  • For builders, the English translations are relevant if you also are in contact with foreign contractors.
  • For entrepreneurs, the English translations are relevant if you have foreign subcontractors or suppliers.
  • For Norwegian contractors and suppliers working in other countries it will it be beneficial to use the standards in English to ensure that contract terms and conditions are known and predictable.

The standard collection includes:

NS 8401.E, NS 8402.E, NS 8403.E, NS 8405.E, NS 8406.E, NS 8407.E, NS 8409.E, NS 8415.E, NS 8416.E and 8417.E.

This standard collection is an online product and available with a web subscription. With a web subscription you can be confident that standards are always updated. Please contact us by e-mail: or phone: +47 67 83 87 00 for more information about the web subscription service.

Last updated: 2014-02-07

NOK 4 005,00 (excl. VAT)

The collection contains all standards within ICS 924:


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