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This NORSOK standard is published as a supplement to regulations and standards in order to state governing requirements, recommendations and permissions relevant to equipment used in well intervention operations within Norwegian jurisdiction. This 2020 edtion was published in January.


More about New edition of NORSOK D-002 Well intervention equipment

This NORSOK standard is the principal standard for offshore structures, and the 2020 edition was published in April.


More about New edition of NORSOK N-001 Integrity of offshore structures

Friday 4 September 2020, at the end of the ONS-week, a one-day course on this standard will be arranged in Stavanger, organized by the ISO/TC 67 Working Group: Reliability engineering and technology, and hosted by the University of Stavanger. Advanced registration is required.


More about Course: Use of ISO 14224 for optimizing Safety and Profitability in the Oil and Gas Industry – in a digitalized perspective

A revised version of NORSOK Z-018 Supplier's documentation of equipment has recently become available.


More about Revised version of NORSOK Z-018 available

Common, precise NORSOK Z-018 documentation requirements for equipment deliverables will reduce project costs and ensure that documentation for the operating phase will be limited to what is necessary, but sufficient.


More about Launching of an extension on structured requirements digitally to the NORSOK Z-018 Supplier`s documentation of equipment

Five new NORSOK standards are now ready. One is brand new and supersedes two existing standards, while the other four are revisions to existing standards.


More about The NORSOK standards for instrumentation, temporary equipment, helicopter decks and telecommunication are revised and published

prNORSOK M-630 Material data sheets and element data sheets for piping, Edition 7, September 2019 is now on industrial inquiry.


More about NORSOK standard on material and element data sheets for piping on enquiry

Skal du på OTD i Stavanger 16. - 17. oktober, så pass på å ta turen innom vår stand i hall E. Årets nyhet er utvidet tilgang til å bruke innhold i standarder i programvare og systemer. Kom innom for mer informasjon, ta vår enkle quiz og bli med i trekningen av trådløse hodetelefoner.


More about Møt oss på OTD 2019

I møte med Olje- og energidepartementet (OED) 16. april var status for nasjonal og internasjonal standardisering og ikke minst presentasjon av READI-prosjektet sentrale tema. I etterkant av møtet er den egne nettsiden for READI-prosjektet åpnet.


More about Nettsiden til prosjektet READI på lufta

In May 2019, a one-day course on this standard will be arranged in Houston, Texas hosted by the working group ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Reliability engineering & technology. Advance registration is required.


More about Course: Use of ISO 14224 - Houston
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