More about P-002, edition August 2014

Standard Norge inviterte til frokostmøte 20. april hvor den nye utgaven av NORSOK N-004 ble gjennomgått. Målet med frokostmøtet var å bidra til at brukere av standarden har en god forståelse av gjeldende krav og anbefalinger.


More about Ny utgave av NORSOK N-004 Design of steel structures lansert

This NORSOK standard describes the technical, functional, and operational requirements for temporary well testing, production clean-up and bleed-off equipment and systems.


More about New edition of NORSOK D-007 Well testing, clean-up and flowback systems

Wednesday 9 June 2021, a one-day web-based course on this standard will be arranged, organized by the ISO/TC 67 Working Group on Reliability engineering and technology. Advanced registration is required.


More about Web-based course: Use of the new ISO 15663 Life Cycle Costing Standard for cost management and value creation in the Oil & Gas and Energy Industries

En ny utgave av NORSOK Z-015 Midlertidig utstyr ble utgitt på slutten av 2020, og 11. mars invitert vi til et frokostmøte for å gi et innblikk i innholdet i standarden.


More about Ny utgave av NORSOK Z-015 Midlertidig utstyr, lansert

This NORSOK standard defines the minimum functional and performance requirements for well barriers through the life cycle of wells. The 2021 edition was published in January.


More about New edition of NORSOK D-010 Well integrity in drilling and well operations is published

This document specifies requirements for temporary equipment to be used by operators and their suppliers or other external partners involved in offshore oil and gas activities, and a new edition was published in late December 2020.


More about New edition of NORSOK Z-015 Temporary equipment

This NORSOK standard specifies guidelines and requirements for design and documentation of offshore steel structures. The 2021 edition was published in January.


More about New edition of NORSOK N-004:2021 Design of steel structures

The Sector Board Petroleum decided on the recommendation of expert committee SN/K 114 Petroleum/EG M in a meeting on 10 December to continue NORSOK M-710 «Qualification of non-metallic materials and manufacturers - Polymers (Edition 3, September 2014)» unchanged for another 5 years.


More about NORSOK M-710 will be continued for 5 new years

This NORSOK standard includes material requirements in a collection of material data sheets and equipment data sheets for use in piping systems designed to ASME B31.3 normal and high-pressure service.


More about NORSOK M-630 Material and element data sheets for piping has been published
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