P-002 Process system design (Edition 1, August 2014)

The new NORSOK P-002 replaces P-001 and P-100.

This NORSOK standard provides requirements for the following aspects of topside process piping and equipment design on offshore production facilities:

  • design pressure and temperature
  • safety instrumented secondary pressure protection systems
  • line sizing
  • system and equipment isolation
  • insulation and heat tracing.

These criteria are applicable for all processes, process support and utility systems.

Additionally this NORSOK standard defines the minimum functional requirements for process systems on an offshore installation. The standard includes a number of recommendations to give additional guidance for the system design.

The following changes have been made to this NORSOK standard:

  • P-001 and P-100 have been combined into a single document to improve accessibility and remove redundancy.
  • Content has been simplified and some superfluous text has been deleted.
  • The document has been updated to reflect current industry practice and relevant international standards.
  • In clause 21.2, the sizing of knock out drum with respect to liquid accumulation, has been made more consistent with international standards. The use of instrumented protection functions to allow for reduced liquid accumulation capacity requires more stringent documentation.
  • API Std 521, sixth edition issued January 2014 covers acoustic fatigue in piping, sizing of flare knock-out drums, choke valve failure, water hammer and allowance for non-return valves in some depth, so these sections have been removed or edited.
  • ISO 23251 and ISO 28300 have been classed as Informative in this document as they are similar to API Std 251 and API Std 2000, which have been recently updated and better reflect current thinking.
  • For HAZOP studies, the recommendation to use full reporting has been removed. This is seen as being up to the individual company’s standards.

The system numbers used in this NORSOK standard are those defined in NORSOK Z-DP-002.


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Process system design

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