New edition of NORSOK standard for lifting equipment published

NORSOK R-002 is a design standard for lifting equipment. It is particularly useful for new build projects, but it is also useful when replacing the lifting equipment or wearing parts on existing installations.

When we published the 2012 edition of R-002, we received several comments and it was decided to make corrections to the standard. The comments pointed to errors, ambiguous and unreasonable requirements, referring errors and typing errors. This new edition have addressed these issues. In addition, you will find an updated list of references together with adjusted and new definitions.

11 experts from all parts of the Norwegian offshore industry has participated in the development of this new edition of R-002. The public enquiry resulted in 350 comments to the updated paragraphs and 250 to the unchanged part of the standard. The latter ones were only addressed fully if they pointed out errors. The unaddressed comments will be part of a future revision process.

This updated version of NORSOK R-002 provide a better safety level for some lifting equipment at a moderate increase in costs, while it also reduces the cost significantly related to other lifting equipment. The standard provides a complete list of references describing requirements for lifting equipment allowed used in the Norwegian petroleum industry. Where standard requirements are missing, design requirements are given in the text. Some paragraphs are also rearranged in order to ease the use of this standard.

Last updated: 2017-03-20

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Lifting equipment

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