Map showing ISO/TC 67's membering countries.
ISO/TC 67's membering countries.

Standardization work not affected by EU/US sanctions against Russia

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that it is unproblematic for oil industry experts to participate in international standardization work.

Norway, like the EU and the United States, introduced restrictive measures against Russia in 2014 due to its appearance in Ukraine. Some US stakeholders in the international oil industry has claimed that expert participation in standardization work in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is conflicting these ongoing sanctions. ISO has previously sought legal clarification internally, both with the EU Commission and OFAC (US authorities on international embargo issues) on this matter related to other international sanctions, upon which they have responded that there is no such conflict.

"Questions whether expert participation in standardization work in ISO is violating the sanction regulation are however still being raised within the international petroleum business. The Norwegian authorities have now stated that this is unproblematic”, says Roar Heum, head of the Petroleum business area at Standards Norway.

Answering Standards Norway’s request for clarification on this topic, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that participation in ISO standards development projects is not defined as technical assistance and is thus not covered by the regulations regulating Norwegian restrictive measures against Russia.

"This is an enormously important clarification for the Norwegian and international oil industry, supporting continued international cooperation in the neutral and democratic arena of ISO. International standards contribute to cost-effectiveness and a harmonized understanding of HSE globally”, says Heum.

Heum assumes that the clarification made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will simplify the recruitment of experts to ISO’s Technical Committee for the Petroleum business (ISO/TC 67).

Last updated: 2018-06-22