Participants and presentation at the meetings in Oslo and Stavanger
From the launch meetings in Oslo and Stavanger.

The NORSOK Z-TI JIP project is on schedule with several committed participants

After 20 years with increasing amounts of company specific requirements on life cycle documentation, the NORSOK owners took the initiative to establish common industry requirements for information deliverables.

The pre-project was handled by Standards Norway through EG Z-Ti and managed by Bjørn Berli (EPIM) with participants from both academia and relevant participants from the oil and gas industry. With the positive results from the initial work, DNV GL was invited to manage the main project with their capacity and knowledge of the area. 104 participants showed up for the launch meetings in Oslo and Stavanger in May 2018.

Shaping the future of digital standards, requirements and information management.

The NORSOK Z-TI JIP kick off meeting took place at DNV GL on 20 June 2018, with a planned duration of 2 years. Three phases are foreseen, and phase 1, with a duration of approximately 8 months, will start as soon as possible.

The following NORSOK standards are part of the NORSOK Z-TI JIP:

  • Z-001 Documentation for operation DFO (Rev. 4, March 1998) 
  • Z-CR-002 Component identification system (Rev. 1, May 1996) 
  • Z-DP-002 Coding system (Rev. 3, Oct. 1996) 
  • Z-003 Technical Information Flow Requirements (Rev. 2, May 1998) 
  • Z-018 Supplier`s documentation of equipment (edition 1, May 2013)

JIP partners

Standards Norway, operators, EPC companies, equipment and systems vendors, authorities, academia and other organizations operating in the E&P industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf are now committed to influence and contribute to this digitalization, standardization and simplification of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Each signing partner will have a seat and one vote in the steering committee governing the JIP.

If you are interested, you can read more about the JIP project on the web site of DNV GL (extrnal link).

Infomation from the launch meetings in Oslo and Stavanger (external link).

Contact person at Standards Norway on this project is Project Manager Inghild Kaarstad.

Last updated: 2018-08-03