Liftig utility module
Illustration: Gina Krog platform (photo: Øyvind Torjusen / Equinor)

NORSOK S-001 Technical safety has been updated to a 2020 edition

This standard describes the principles and requirements for the development of the physical safety design, i.e. technical safety, of offshore installations for production of oil and gas. Where applicable, this standard may also be used for mobile offshore drilling units.

NORSOK S-001 together with ISO 13702, defines the requirements to establish and maintain an adequate level of safety for personnel, environment and material assets.

The 2020 edition is a correction of the 2018 edition. It is published as a new edition since 37 of the recommendations are changed to requirements and 7 requirements are made recommendations. This will simplify the interpretations in the document. Errors have also deen corrected.

The safety equipment datasheets in Annex C has not been updated, but are dated 2020. They can be downloaded. A fire protection datasheet is available in annex B.

You can find more information in our presentation of NORSOK S-001.

Last updated: 2020-12-09