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Call for NORSOK experts to evaluate two studies on structural failure

Standards Norway invites offshore construction experts to participate in a study to evaluate the need for updates in NORSOK standards based on the outcome from the CresT LOADS JIP and the HSE study on structural failure. Please show your interest within the deadline which is 1 October.

The objective of the CresT JIP was to develop models for realistic extreme waves and a design methodology for the loading and response of floating platforms.

The LOADS JIP was kicked off in 2016, with the following work packages:

  1. Long-term Metocean Environment
            Joint extremal analysis and uncertainty
  2. Short-term Metocean Environment
            Nonlinear crest distribution and spatial shape
  3. Kinematics and Loading
            Nonlinear kinematics
            Wave loading on jacket
            Wave-in-deck loading
  4. Long-term Distribution of Loading and Probability of Failure

HSE (UK) initiated a study in May 2018 to develop guidance on the assessment of structural failure from extreme environmental loading on fixed offshore platforms (extrernal link). Recent advances in both metocean statistics, and the physical understanding of extreme wave events, have demonstrated that commonly applied methods of assessment can be non-conservative and that wave impact on the deck needs to be accounted for.

The NORSOK expert group on Offshore Structures, EG N, invites 3 experts to participate in a project with a three months timeline.

How to participate?

Please download the documents and submit information as described in the ITT document by 1 October. Evaluation of candidates will be done continuously as the applicants present themselves. Notice will be given to the selected experts for a start-up around 10 October.

The project start-up is pending approval from the Sector board petroleum on 1 October. Due to national regulations, only experts that have a Norwegian tax number (Brønnøysundregisteret) will be considered for this project. Our standard agreement/contract is available in Norwegian only.

If you have any questions, please contact Inghild Kaarstad at Standards Norway.


ITT NORSOK loads JIP (description document)

Kontrakt mellom Standard Norge og leverandør (in Norwegian only)

Last updated: 2021-09-09