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The first edition of ISO/TS 3250 Calculation and reporting production efficiency in the operating phase, published

This technical specification (TS) provides requirements and guidance for reporting of production performance data and production loss data in the operating phase by use of production loss categorization.

The TS supports this production loss categorization with a harmonized approach for calculating and reporting production loss and production efficiency (PE) in the operating phase, including forecasting during this life cycle phase. Standardization of PE reporting across the industry by use of ISO/TS 3250, will drive consistency and provide better quality PE information and communication for operators, partners, and associated stakeholders. It supplements the principles of ISO 20815:2018 by providing additional details.

Notice also that the TS covers injection efficiency (IE), the production loss categories reflect HSE-related production loss issues, and lower carbon issues (e.g. flaring restrictions and relations to ISO Guide 84:2020).

This first edition focuses on installations and asset elements within the upstream business category, but it is useful for the entire value chain. Business categories and associated installations and plants/units, systems and equipment classes are used in line with ISO 14224:2016. The production loss categories supplements the reporting of failure and maintenance parameters as defined in ISO 14224:2016.

ISO/TS 3250 was developed by ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Reliability engineering & technology. The project on developing this technical specification had Norwegian leadership and experts from seven countries.

Last updated: 2021-10-22

ISO/TS 3250:2021


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Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Calculation and reporting production efficiency in the operating phase

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