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New edition of NORSOK M-501 is published

NORSOK M-501:2022 Surface protection and protective coating, edition 7, was published in November 2022.

The main changes from the previous edition, edition 6 from 2012, are an update of the technical content based on experience, new requirements and new international standards.

  • Advises coatings systems that can meet the high durability range as per ISO 12944-1
  • Defines the corrosivity categories accounted for as per ISO 12944-2
  • Includes pre-qualification requirements for coating under insulation and for tank linings
  • Clarifies the qualification requirements for paint shops and operators
  • Clarifies the inspection and testing requirements that apply before, during and after coating application
  • Captures improvements from IOGP doc S-715
  • Introduces new coating systems to cover cryogenic conditions, high temperature service, powder coating and passive fire protection (PFP) in splash zone

You can read more details on the changes in this edition of NORSOK M-501 in a separate article.

The standard  is revised by the expert group SN/K 114 NORSOK EG M Materials.

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For further detail please contact Project Manager at Standards Norway, Espen Holm.

Last updated: 2022-12-22

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Surface preparation and protective coating

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