Oil rig in the North Sea
Gina Krogh (photo: Øyvind Torjusen / Equinor)

NORSOK Z-006 and Z-007 for systematic review

NORSOK Z-006 Preservation (Edition 3, August 2015) and NORSOK Z-007 Mechanical Completion and Commissioning (Edition 3, August 2015) are currently under systematic review, closing 30 May 2022.

These two NORSOK  standards are currently under systematic review (pre-enquiry) with the intention to decide whether the standards shall be: 

  • WIthdrawn (please provide reason, and please add major subjects to be considered in the revision work)
  • Revised (please add comments why)
  • Confirmed (unchanged for another period of 5 years)

In order to submit your suggestion, and to provide proposals to the possible revision work, please enter the enquiry portal by following these links:

Standards Norway is also inviting participants to join the the revision work. Hence, please nominate a person if your company wish to participate.

If you want more information, please contact Prosject Manager Espen Holm.

Please note that this pre-enquiry will close 30 May 2022.

Last updated: 2022-04-22