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New edition of NORSOK P-002 Process system design

NORSOK P-002:2023 Process system design, edition 2, was published in January 2023. This NORSOK standard specifies requirements and guidelines for most frequently used process-, process support- and utility systems on offshore production facilities.

The following aspects of topside process piping and equipment design are covered:

  • design pressure and temperature,
  • process safety system design,
  • line sizing,
  • system and equipment isolation,
  • insulation and heat tracing.

Additionally, NORSOK P-002 defines the minimum functional requirements for process systems on an offshore installation and includes several recommendations to give additional guidance for the system design.

The 2023 edition replaces the 2014 edition of P-002.

The following main changes have been made to this document:

  • The document has been updated to reflect current industry practice and relevant international standards.
  • Methodology for line-sizing of gas and two-phase flow has been updated.
  • Issued in an enriched NISO STS xml digital format enabling machine reading of requirements.
  • As part of digitalisation of requirements, more precise wording and improved unambiguity have been implemented.
  • Background information, guidelines and examples have been included where relevant for new and revised sections.

The standard  is revised by the expert group NORSOK EG-P Expert group.

You can find more information on the new edition of NORSOK P-002:2023 in a short presentation. 

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Last updated: 2023-01-26