Agreements for facility services

Facility management and facility services is a professional area experiencing strong growth. In Europe, the market for facility services has been estimated as being worth several hundred billion euros and industry and special interest organisations in the area have around 300,000 members. Infrastructure and technical installations in buildings have become more advanced and the need for support services is increasing. A focus on efficient operation of buildings has resulted in higher requirements and expectations for owners, clients and suppliers. The use of standards is therefore crucial in connection with the above.

Good agreements between a demand organization and a service provider with clear allocation of roles and responsibilities and clear requirements concerning content, quality and expertise in the services are important. This applies to internal service provision as well as outsourcing to external providers.

Standardised requirements for procurements based on best practice make the interaction between the demand organization and service provider more secure and contribute to cost-effectiveness and the right quality for all types of services.

Standards Norway and our national and international experts have developed a number of standards within facility services in the last decade. Users include property managers, facility service providers, technical consultants, employer organisations and educational institutions.

How can standards contribute?

  • Useful basic documents when entering into agreements
  • Simpler tendering processes
  • Unambiguous and stable service deliveries
  • Equal conditions of competition
  • Mutual terms and reference documents
  • Correct resource planning
  • Reduced risk, reduced prices and efficient operations
  • Functional solutions and satisfied users

Four types of standards

We differentiate between four types of standards for facility services:


The standards for procurement provide requirements and recommendations relating to procurement processes. The contract standards and performance specifications/SLAs (requirements concerning the quality of the service) constitute the actual agreement between the demand organization and the service provider. There are also standards for developing measurement parameters (PI and KPI) for documenting the results and delivered quality and that makes it easier to compare the same services from different service providers. NS-EN 15221-3 Facility Management - Part 3: Guidance on quality in Facility Management provides guidance on development of performance indicators, measurements and follow-up of services, quality and the efficiency of the facility services.

What standards are available?
There are several standards available for use in connection with agreements concerning the delivery of operations services/facility services. The standards apply to both the private and public sector and regardless of whether internal or external service providers are used. For more information, look at the menus to the left.

Last updated: 2021-06-07