N-003 Actions and action effects (Edition 2, September 2007)

 This edition of NORSOK standard N-003 replaces revision 1, published January 1999.

This standard specifies general principles and guidelines for determination of actions and action effects for the structural design and the design verification of structures.

This standard is applicable to all types of offshore structures used in the petroleum activities, including bottom-founded structures as well as floating structures.

This standard is applicable to the design of complete structures including substructures, topside structures, vessel hulls, foundations, mooring systems, risers and subsea installations.

This NORSOK standard is applicable to the different stages of construction (namely fabrication, transportation and installation), to the use of the structure during its intended life, and to its abandonment. Aspects related to verification and quality control are also addressed.

The principal standard for offshore structures is NORSOK N-001, Structural design, which especially refers to ISO 19900, Petroleum and natural gas industries - General requirements for offshore structures.

It is the intention to revise this NORSOK standard as soon as the International Standards covering the scope of this NORSOK standard have been published.



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Actions and actions effects. Rev. 2, Sept. 2007

LanguageEngelskEdition: 2 (2007-09-13) Withdrawn

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