C-004 Helicopter decks on offshore installations (2019)

NORSOK C-004 is based on practical experience accumulated from helicopter operations on the Norwegian continental shelf. A primary goal of this standard is to set the framework for maximising flight safety and regularity on offshore helidecks.

This NORSOK standard defines the basic requirements for design, arrangement, and engineering of helicopter decks on offshore installations in the petroleum industry. It also covers fixed type installations, normally unmanned installations, floating installations, production, drilling, and storage vessels.

The main changes from the second to third edition are in summary a new normative Annex A  Structural design requirements (developed by EG N Offshore Structures) and inclusion of informative Annex B  Method 3 - Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for determination of acceptable risk level for offshore helicopter flight operation with respect to hot gas emission from turbine exhausts outlets.

The standard is also aligned with the latest version of “BSL D 5-1”- Regulations for Civil Aviation (2019 updates).

NORSOK C-004 has been revised by NORSOK committee EG C Architect.

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Helicopter decks on offshore installations

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