D-007 Well testing system (Edition 2, September 2013)

The revised standard, D-007 Well testing system, ed. 2 - Sept. 2013, is part of the focus area within safety and risk reduction during well testing.

Some features of the edition 2:

a)  The standard is simplifiser
b)  Down hole perforating equipment is not included
c)  Harmonized vs.NORSOK D-010
d)  Requirement of strenghtened hoses
e)  The Gap between DNV and D-007 is removed
f)   Modernized throughout, capturing new equipment and new technical requirements (including but not limited to SIL and the Machine Directive).

Additional files: Frequently Asked Questions (updated by 2016-03-18)

March 2019: At the moment this standard is under revision.



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Well testing systems. Rev. 2 Sept. 2013

LanguageEngelskEdition: 2 (2013-09-23)

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