D-007 Well testing, clean-up and flowback systems (2021)

This NORSOK standard describes the technical, functional, and operational requirements for temporary well testing, production clean-up and bleed-off equipment and systems. The equipment and systems are used for hydrocarbon flow from exploration or development wells on both mobile units and fixed platforms. The 2021 edition was published in March.

The technical changes in the 2021-edition of this document can be summarised as follows:

  • This document now covers application of well testing equipment used for well cleanup and flow-back operations related to well interventions and workovers.
  • Requirements related to flexible hoses used in these types of operations are now included
  • Requirements related to «locked to bottom» type operations are included to assure that the test-string does not part or breaks in case the heave-control system fails
  • Requirement for double barriers in valve arrangements is introduced to achieve acceptable level of safety
  • Definition of «top side flow and processing control equipment» as distinguished from «well control equipment» is provided
  • Requirements related to fire safe control lines and the use/operation of these are included
  • References to standards relating to Electrical Submersible Pumps are provided
  • General harmonization of content relative to referred standards

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Well testing, clean-up and flowback systems

LanguageEngelskEdition: 3.0 (2021-03-26)

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