G-001 Marine soil investigations (Rev. 2, October 2004)

This NORSOK standard includes guidelines and requirements for equipment, testing procedures, interpretation and evaluation of test results and reporting for marine soil investigations. This NORSOK standard covers the most common equipment available today for sampling, in situ testing and laboratory testing.

This NORSOK standard is applicable both for marine soil investigations performed by specialised drilling vessels (drilling mode investigation with down-hole sampling and in situ testing) and for investigations performed by standard survey vessels (surface mode investigation). The detailed requirements in this NORSOK standard are only applicable for the equipment and methods specified by the user (client) in the scope of work for the actual field work.

Revision 2 of this NORSOK standard is mainly an updated version to take into account the developments in the Offshore Soil Investigation Industry that have taken place since Revision 1 was issued in 1996.

This NORSOK standard is published without marking of changes, compared to Rev. 1, as the modifications are considerable.



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Marine soil investigations. Rev. 2, Oct. 2004

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