I-001 Field instrumentation (2019)

​This NORSOK standard provides requirements for field instrumentation for offshore facilities. The standard is reorganised compared to the previous revision:

  • Clause 5 describes general requirements related to units, utilities and signal types
  • Clause 6 describes overall instrument design requirements
  • Clause 7 describes installation requirements, both in general and for commonly used field instrumentation
  • Clause 8 describes technical requirements for commonly used field instrumentation
  • Clause 9 describes technical requirements for valves

Previous revision Annex A hook-up drawings are replaced with typical installations drawings.

Previous revision Annex B, Level Measurement Guidelines, are now included in section 7, Installation Design Requirements.

Previous revision Annex C, Instrument Data Sheets, are maintained and included in Annex B, Instrument Data Sheets and in Annex C, Process Data Sheets in this revision.

Data sheets for downloading

In addition to this standard, we have published several data sheets that is available for downloading.

Download data sheets for I-001

Additional requirements: ConocoPhillips

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Field instrumentation

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