I-106 Fiscal metering systems for hydrocarbon liquid and gas (Edition 1, November 2014)

This NORSOK standard describes the functional and technical requirements for fiscal measurement systems for gas and liquid hydrocarbons based on dynamic methods. Further this NORSOK standard provides criteria for selection of such systems or main components thereof.

This NORSOK standard replaces NORSOK I-104 Fiscal measurement system for hydrocarbon gas (Rev. 3, November 2005) and NORSOK I-105 Fiscal measurement systems for hydrocarbon liquid (Edition 3, August 2007). These two standards have been combined and restructured to avoid duplication, increase readability and reduce volume. The basis for this NORSOK standard has been the previous version of I-104 and I-105 combined with general industry experience over the last years.

The revision has been carried out by NORSOK expert group EG IM "Metering" with members from end users (oil companies), authorities, contractors, consultants and metering system vendors.

Additional requirements: ConocoPhillips

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Fiscal metering systems for hydrocarbon liquid and gas, Edition 1, November 2014

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