I-005 System control diagram (Rev. 3, Feb. 2013)

This standard is intended to cover functional as well as drawing related requirements for use of System Control Diagrams. The main updated items in edition 3 for this NORSOK standard are as follows:

  • 7 new function templates have been defined
  • 2 existing function templates have been deleted
  • For CS function terminal name BG has been corrected to YG
  • SB function have been expanded with a terminal for external fault and OS command for suppress
  • SBE function terminals have been aligned to fit the new SBC function, further elementary functions
  • Annex A function standard have been rewritten to a new format
  • Annex B drawing standard have been more firm defined and expanded by
  • Size for all symbols have been defined
  • Layer and colour use have been defined
  • “dot” introduced as alternative for S split symbol
  • “wall” introduced for multiple I/O connections,
  • Sequence symbols are defined
  • Generally this NORSOK standard has been rephrased where it has been found unclear
  • Application guideline is redone in accordance with the updates in this edition
  • Function template behaviour figures redone where they have been unclear or erroneous
  • For the general appearance of this NORSOK standard the IEC IECSTD format has been adapted

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System control diagram. Rev. 3 Febr. 2013

LanguageEngelskEdition: 3 (2013-03-05) Withdrawn

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