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If you have comments on existing NORSOK standards, please use the comment form. Please note that standards are subject to review at least every five years.

NORSOK Standards

M-001Materials selection (Edition 5, September 2014)
M-101Structural steel fabrication (Rev. 5, October 2011)
M-102Structural aluminium fabrication (Edition 2, April 2015)
M-120Material data sheets for structural steel (Edition 5, November 2008)
M-121Aluminium structural material (Edition 2, September 2015)
M-122Cast structural steel (Rev. 2, October 2012)
M-123Forged structural steel (Rev. 2, October 2012)
M-501Surface preparation and protective coating (Edition 6, February 2012)
M-503Cathodic protection (Edition 4, September 2016)
M-506CO2 corrosion rate calculation model (2017)
M-601Welding and Inspection of piping (Edition 6, April 2016)
M-630Material data sheets and element data sheets for piping (Rev. 6, October 2013)
M-650Qualification of manufacturers of special materials (Rev. 4, September 2011)
M-710Qualification of non-metallic materials and manufacturers – Polymers (Edition 3, September 2014)

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