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M-120 Material data sheets for structural steel (Edition 5, November 2008)

This NORSOK standard includes a collection of material data sheets (MDS) applicable to selected material standards and grades for use in steel structures.

The main changes from Edition 4 to Edition 5 are as follows:

  • The MDSs are updated to reflect changes in steel designations and requirements in the referenced EN standards (e.g. EN 10204 and EN 10025)
  • MDS Y07 and MDS Y28 have revised requirements to NDT
  • Requirements to maximum yield strength have been introduced for steels with SMYS 420 and above

NOTE  It should be observed that the requirement to fabrication tolerances in NORSOK M-101 may be more strict than the manufacturing tolerances for steel products according to this NORSOK standard.



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Material data sheets for structural steel. Edition 5, November 2008

LanguageEngelskEdition: 5 (2008-11-27)

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