M-120 Material data sheets for structural steel (Edition 6, September 2021)

This NORSOK standard includes a collection of material data sheets (MDS) applicable to selected material standards and grades for use in steel structures.

The main changes from Edition 5, November 2008 to Edition 6, September 2021 are as follows:

  • The MDSs are updated to reflect changes in steel designations and requirements in the referenced EN standards (e.g. EN 10204 and EN 10025 part 1-4)
  • Including alternative reference standards for MDS No. Y01, Y04, Y05, SQL III-IV (ASTM, DNV, JIS, API, ABS, LR)
  • Including requirements for Arctic temperatures all the way to the ice edge in the north (-40 °C)
  • Including MDSs for the use of lean duplex and duplex for structural applications;
  • More stringent requirements for inspection of "sections" where a number of quality problems are reported
  • Harmonization with NORSOK M-101 and NORSOK N-004
  • Chemical requirements from quality suppliers of high-strength materials (mainly suppliers from Japan and Korea are taken into account
  • Minor correction/removed requirements for CTOD testing at thicknesses over 25 mm for the following MDS: Y20, Y21, Y22, Y25, Y26, Y27, Y30, Y31, Y32, Y35, Y36, Y37, Y40, Y42, Y45, Y46, Y47, Y50, Y52, Y55, Y57 and Y60.

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Material data sheets for structural steel

LanguageEngelskEdition: 6 (2021-10-06)

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