M-121 Aluminium structural material (Edition 2, September 2015)

This NORSOK standard replaces M-121 rev. 1, September 1997.

The standard is of special use for fabricators of structural aluminium construction elements offshore. It has enclosed material data sheets prepared as separate documents to be used in purchasing of plates and profiles in aluminium for structural use. The MDSs specifies the selected options of the referred standard and additional requirements which shall be added or supersede the corresponding requirements of the referred standard.

The standard has been through a systematic review. No significant changes are made, but the standard is updated to reflect today's requirements.

Major changes are:

  • List of alloys and tempers changed to be in accordance with N-001 (EN 1999-1-1) regarding actual tempers
  • Referred standards corrected and updated
  • Some definitions improved and included
  • Some wordings improved.

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Aluminium structural material. Edition 2, September 2015

LanguageEngelskEdition: 2 (2015-09-28)

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