M-630 Material data sheets and element data sheets for piping (2020)

NORSOK standard M-630 includes material requirements in a collection of material data sheets and equipment data sheets for use in piping systems designed to ASME B31.3 normal and high-pressure service.

Changes from previous edition

This edition 7 of NORSOK M-630:2020 replaces edition 6 and is an update to include the following main changes:

  • the destructive quality test requirements of duplex stainless steels specified NS-EN ISO 17781 are implemented, reference is made to Note below;
  • ISO 17782 has been implemented as an alternative to NORSOK M-650 for qualification of special materials;
  • the MDSs are harmonized with corresponding MDSs complied in IOGP S-563 to the extent found relevant;
  • the MDSs are amended to include all applicable requirements of PED Category III Piping;
  • the system for MDS numbering has been partly changed to avoid using the same MDS number for MDS with different scope, to allow for suffix S for sour service, and letter H for high pressure service, ref. Table 2 and 3;
  • MDS C01, C11, K01, N01, S01 and T01 are split in to product specific MDSs;
  • optional requirements for sour service to ISO 15156 are amended for carbon and low alloy steels;
  • the following new MDSs have been prepared:
    - C37S and C47S for bars in carbon steel;
    - D59L and D60L for fasteners in type 25Cr duplex and extra low service temperature -101 °C;
    - N139 for fasteners in nickel alloys;
    - D49, D59, R19, R29 for HIP parts
    - N1A, N2A, S1A and T2A for additive manufacturing by powder bed fusion methods;
    -  new MDSs compliant with ASME B31.3 Chapter IX High Pressure Service is prepared;
  • new EDS NHF3 for electroless nickel plating is prepared;
  • sketch for test blocks for castings are changed to be in compliance with NS-EN ISO 17781 Fig. 1;
  • thickness of thermal sprayed tungsten carbide is changed to 0,15 – 0,25 mm (NHF2);
  • A number of editorial modifications are made.
  • Technical changes to super duplex bolting

The objective with the NS-EN ISO 17781 was to agree and standardize test requirements acceptable to companies operating in the oil and gas business. This edition of M-630 takes the benefit of this work. This implies new test requirement to all parts specified in duplex stainless steel. The changes from the previous edition of M-630 are considered to be insignificant with respect to verify the quality of the actual parts, but still essential in the process to obtain common test requirements for the oil and gas industry. Among changes introduced are:

  • mechanical testing has been changed, i.e. for forgings in duplex SS impact testing in two orientations is introduced in compliance with NS-EN ISO 17781;
  • microstructural examination acceptance criteria for all parts;
  • corrosion test acceptance criteria of ≤ 1,0 g/m2 for all parts in solution annealed condition.

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Material data sheets and element data sheets for piping

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