M-503 Cathodic protection (Edition 4, September 2016)

NORSOK M-503:2016 replaces Edition 3 and gives requirements for Cathodic Protection design of submerged installations, pipelines, internally in vessels and tanks, and seawater containing compartments. It also covers manufacturing and installation of sacrificial anodes. 

CP with impressed current system is not a part of the scope of the present standard.

Edition 4 is made to reflect latest revision of DNV-RP-B401 and ISO 15589-2. The document is also restructured as follows:

  • One common clause for structures and pipelines (Clause 4).
  • Clauses 5 and 6 cover specific design requirements for structures and pipelines, respectively.
  • Clause 7 covers requirements for anode manufacturing, testing and tolerances.
  • Clause 8 covers requirements to anode installation.
  • Clause 9 covers requirements to documentation.

Specific requirements to submarine pipeline systems are included.

A corrigendum was written in 2017 and adopted in January 2018, NORSOK M-503:2016/AC:2018. It can be downloaded free of charge.

Contact person at Standards Norway is Espen Holm.

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Cathodic protection

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Corrigendum AC - Cathodic protection

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