N-003 Actions and action effects (Edition 3, 2017)

The main changes in N-003:2017 compared to the previous version (Edition 2, N-003:2007) are:

  • More complete description of cold climate actions from sea ice, icebergs, icing and snow.
  • Accidental actions due to ship collision risk is updated.
  • Use of hindcast data as basis for design are included.
  • Air gap recommendations are included.
  • Adjustments are made to the recipe for wave action effects on jacket structures, including wave kinematics and wave crest.
  • The standard now allows for the use of CFD methods in wave load calculation.
  • Wave impacts actions are updated to include impacts from breaking waves, slamming on vertical structures, and wave impact in floater deck.
  • Action combinations are updated e.g. to include cold climate actions in ULS and ALS. ALS in damaged condition is updated for actions uncorrelated with the accidental event.
  • Sections on design waves, contour method, and long-term analysis are rewritten and updated according to present knowledge.
  • The inclusion of a section on climate change.
  • The preparation for the removal of NORSOK N-002 Collection of Metocean Data has resulted in the inclusion of some issues into this standard, e.g. recommended duration of metocean measurements. The major part of NORSOK N-002 is found in ISO 19901-1 Metocean Design.
  • The informative Annexes A, B and C are new.

NORSOK N-003:2017 is primarily written for the design of new facilities on the Norwegian continental shelf (including the continental shelf of Svalbard) as defined by NPD 16.06.2014, but the principles may also be applicable for other areas.

NORSOK N-003:2017 is applicable to all types of offshore structures used in the petroleum activities, including bottom-founded structures as well as floating structures, including substructures, topside structures, vessel hulls, foundations, mooring systems, risers and subsea facilities.

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Actions and action effects

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