N-004 Design of steel structures (Rev. 3, February 2013)

This NORSOK standard is intended to fulfill NPD regulations relating to design and outfitting of facilities etc. in the petroleum activities.

The standard gives provisions for offshore structures and references NS 3472 and EN 1993 1-1. Either code may be used for design of parts, where relevant.

The design principles follow the requirements in ISO 19900.

The standard specifies guidelines and requirements for design and documentation of offshore steel structures.

The standard is applicable to all type of offshore structures made of steel with a specified minimum yield strength less or equal to 500 MPa. For steel with higher characteristic yield strength, see Clause 12.

Main changes in this revision 3 compared to revision 2 are:

  • Updated references to updated standards since revision 2 . Both ISO 19902 and Eurocode 3 have later issued than revision 2.
  • Adjustments to material factors in latest issues of  Eurocode
  • Moving of guidelines for existing constructions to NORSOK N-006. N-006 is issued after revision 2 of N-004.
  • Revision and inclusion of  amendment for grouted connections in revision 2.
  • Updated capacity calculations for pipe nodes.
  • Updated capacity calculations for conical transitions.


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Design of steel structures. Rev. 3, February 2013

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Design of steel structures - Corrigendum

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