N-005 In-service integrity management of structures and maritime systems (2017)

This revised NORSOK (2017 edition) now includes marine systems, in addition to offshore structures and broadens the scope to cover the entire integrity management process. This was previously limited to inspection and monitoring of structures. The standard has been totally restructured and rewritten.

This NORSOK standard aims to support activities relating to the safety and integrity management of structures and marine systems until final removal. It describes the principles and practices of how the integrity management of structures and marine systems should be planned, implemented and documented to ensure fitness for service, and to comply with the PSA regulations and relevant NORSOK standards.

This standard is applicable to substructures, topside structures, vessel hulls, foundations, mooring systems and marine systems such as water and weather tight systems, stability systems and station keeping systems.

This standard covers all aspects of integrity management, including the management of data, inspection and/or monitoring strategies, inspection and/or monitoring execution, integrity evaluation and integrity assessment.

The assessment of existing offshore structures to be operated beyond original requirements is addressed in NORSOK N-006. Initiators for when such assessment is needed are covered in that standard, in accordance with NORSOK N-001.

This revision addresses the overall integrity management process for the safety of structures and marine systems in operation.

The principal standard for offshore structures is NORSOK N-001, Structural design.

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In-service integrity management of structures and marine systems. Edition 2, 2017

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