N-006 Assessment of structural integrity for existing offshore load-bearing structures (Edition 2, April 2015)

The principle standard for offshore structures is NORSOK N-001 which especially refers to ISO 19900 General requirements for offshore structures. This NORSOK standard gives additional requirements for assessment of the structural integrity of offshore structures in-service and for life extension. This standard is based on the principles in ISO 2394, General principles on reliability for structures and ISO 13822, Bases for design of structures —Assessment of existing structures.

The main changes from Edition 1 are that clauses in NORSOK N-004 that dealt with existing structures are moved to N-006 Edition2. Furthermore there are modifications to the text in clause 6.3, new reference and text for probabilistic inspection planning is introduced and minor corrections and updates.

All revisions compared to Edition 1 are marked with vertical lines in the left margin.

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Assessment of structural integrity for existing offshore load-bearing structures. Edition 2, April 2015

LanguageEngelskEdition: 2 (2015-04-15)

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